Astrapto Academy delivers webinars, courses, and toolkits designed to facilitate triple bottom line impact in hospitality, meetings & events, and travel & tourism. While the context is hospitality, the principles and guidelines apply to other industries, especially those that combine a service with a physical environment. 

Incubate a Buy Local Strategy course and toolkit 

The “buy local” movement has been a hot and growing trend in recent years. Not only do local products and ingredients grab the attention of consumers, but it's an important factor in supporting local economies. Institutional buyers (hotels, conference centers, hospitals, etc.) are incentivized to consolidate purchases with vendors who may not represent smaller, niche suppliers found locally, but hospitality businesses can differentiate product and service mix with unique, local offerings, and tell a powerful sustainability story. 

This course can help larger businesses leverage the best of 'local' and help entrepreneurs with ideas and strategies for working with B2B customers. 


The Sustainability is a Team Sport course has been GBCI approved for 3 CEs for LEED credentials, and ISSP approved for 2 CEUs for the ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP credentials. If you would like to receive a certificate of completion for credential maintenance, please email when you enroll for more details. 

As sustainability gains attention and becomes increasingly important to stakeholders, companies are seeking ways to integrate corporate responsibility initiatives throughout their organizations. In this webinar, you’ll learn what a Green Team is and why it’s so critical to a achieving triple bottom line returns (social, environmental, and economic). Once you hear the many benefits of a Green Team, you may also want to take the full online course where you will learn how to successfully manage Green Teams, overcome challenges with them, and structure assignments and accountability to maximize the team’s effectiveness. 


Coming Soon:

  • How to start a Pollinator Garden at your Hospitality Venue
  • Sustainable Purchasing Practices for Hospitality Venues

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