Introductory Offer

As a way to introduce Astrapto and have an immediate positive impact on the hospitality industry, we are offering a Sustainability Assessment for only $500.  Email or call +1.443.561.4295 for more details.

Many hotel properties have a sustainability mandate, but do not have a dedicated person to create and execute a plan, nor engage stakeholders who contribute to the property’s success.  Many have sustainability champions, but efforts are not galvanized into a meaningful direction.  Many have standards and tools, but these are not monitored or leveraged for the benefit of customers, employees, or the bottom line. 

This is your opportunity to differentiate from those who have yet to act on the sustainability imperative.

Our service is designed to help your property identify and celebrate what it is doing well, and understand and address the opportunities to reap triple bottom line returns.  This service includes:

  • 4-hour to full day workshop to review and assess your property’s sustainability efforts in key functional areas such as general management (includes strategy, administration, and legal), operations/facilities, purchasing, human resources, and marketing/sales.  
  • Follow up report, delivered two weeks after the workshop, including
    • Assessment of practices to celebrate and continue, and areas for improvement or concern.  
    • Sustainability Roadmap:
      • Recommended short term action plan and long term goals.  
      • Mapping of selected practices to green/eco hotel certification criteria (e.g. Green Key, TripAdvisor’s GreenLeader).  If your goal is to be certified, this exercise could jump-start the process.
      • Library of resources on relevant social and environmental issues and solutions.
  • Follow up meeting to review recommendations and present next steps.

The scope for the proposed work and fees is limited to one property, within 3 hours travel time of Washington DC.  The fee is payable at or before the workshop. This offer expires July 31st, 2017. 

At the end of this experience, if you find you are ready to go further in your sustainability efforts, we can provide proposals for Green Team formation services, eco certification planning and implementation, project/change management to ensure ideas truly become action, and learning & development services to prepare your team to meet sustainability goals.

Contact us at or call +1.443.561.4295


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