Special Offer for the Rainforest Alliance Network

Astrapto is pleased to present a special offer to members of the Rainforest Alliance network of certified tourism businesses. As a member, you are eligible to receive a discount on the Sustainability is a Team Sport online course and toolkit.

Are you ready to start a green team? Or want more results from your existing green team?

Building and activating a Green Team is vital for starting or continuing sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives. Integrating sustainability throughout your operations is the only way to ensure those efforts will endure longer than the last person in the business who was responsible for them.

A Green Team is an effective way to share the responsibilities and maintaining consistent sustainability activities even through turnover and other disruptive events that can get a business off course. It can bring together different departments around a common purpose and set of goals, enhancing organizational culture and triple bottom line impact.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to...

  • Form an integrative team to optimize environmental performance of buildings and operational systems.
  • Set sustainability goals and motivate your team to achieve them.
  • Conduct a sustainable purchasing audit and establish a sustainable purchasing process for items such as cleaning supplies, furniture, food, and other key components of the building and service.
  • Design and implement a Buy Local Strategy for a range of amenities, services, and building elements.
  • Measure and articulate the benefits and results of sustainable building and service operations.

The course is normally USD 159.00 but Rainforest Alliance members get access for USD 89.00


This offer includes

To receive this offer, go to the course page here and click Enroll now.  

On the course page you will find a full outline of course content and a suggested schedule for completed the course in 3 months. 

Enrollment can be paid with major credit cards or Paypal. Offer expires 30-April-2018.  Email info@astrapto.com if you have questions or feedback.   

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